Orchestral love adventure at high altitudes. Through the clouds and asteroids, follow the Bard on his quest of fetching the Star in the name of love. Unleash the power of magical instruments, surf the beat and span across a little town, cloud kingdom and the outer space (wow). But be prepared for the Three Kings guarding the path. Beat them with grace, style and music ! Match your actions with the music using one of the two input types designed for mouse and keyboard and for taps. Play on mobile or on your PC. Conquer the sky !


  • 3 different zones with unique style and boss fights.
  • Collect gems to buy new upgrades.
  • Use a selection of musical instruments to perform nifty moves.
  • Keep beats pumping consistently to raise your combo level and get benefits.
  • Available in English and Russian.


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Sky Septima Credits

Egor Tolstonozhenko
Game Designer, Art, Programming, Manateam
Alexander Raysh
Assistant, Manateam
Platon Snesar
Composer, Freelancer